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Vaccines protect our infants and children from various kinds of diseases. Getting right vaccines in the right time will help your child develop immunity against diseases before they come onto contact with them.


It's a long term inflammatory disease involving the airways of the lungs commonly causing wheezing, tightness of chest, coughing and shortness of breath.

Laparoscopic surgeries:

The latest laparoscopic surgeries are minimally invasive and are used in the treatments such as appendicitis, Gall Bladder, Cholecystitis, Haemorrhoids and Hernia.

Antenatal care:

It is the clinical assessment of mother and fetus during pregnancy involving approximately 12 to 16 routine visits before and during pregnancy.

Male and Female Infertility:

It can affect 1 in 6 men or women in their reproductive age caused by variety of diseases and medical conditions related to ovulation, egg quality, sperm production, fertilization, implantation and more.